Makeover Monday - Week 38

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This is my work for week 38 of the #MakeoverMonday project.

This week's dataset explores differences between traveling by plane and by train, in terms of ticket and environmental costs. The original article, published by DW, focuses on 6 different routes and highlights how much ticket prices can vary according to how much time before departure it is booked. In addition, they normalize these prices taking also into account CO2 emissions, and the hidden costs they carry with them.

The original data can be found on DW's GitHub, and data used for this dashboard can be downloaded from

The original dashboard I produced is available on my Tableau Public profile.

Week 38 - Travel Cost: trains vs planes

The plot clearly shows that usually it is possible to get a cheap deal if booking a train ticket in advance. This is also true for flights, but their prices increase with a higher rate as the departure date approaches, compared to train tickets. The downside to this is having to spend more time on a train than on a plane, in order to reach the same destination; we should notice, however, that the data only report the strict flight duration, which indeed can be much longer when taking into account security controls, baggage reclaim and moving from the airport to the actual city of destination.

Trains, in addition, are shown to be a much more environmentally-friendly solution, with a very limited amount of CO2 emissions per passenger.

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