A place where I write about Bioinformatics and Informatics.

Tabular data memory requirements

How to calculate the amount of RAM needed to read in tabular data.

Parse an XML file into a pandas DataFrame

How to parse XML files to obtain a proper pandas dataframe.

Tidy Tuesday

My posts for the #TidyTuesday weekly data project.

Makeover Monday

My posts for the #MakeoverMonday weekly data project.

Python String Formatting

Different methods to perform string formatting operations in Python.

Setting PATH Variable in Different Shells

How to set the PATH variable in Bash and TCSH shells.

Adding Users to the Sudo Group

Allow users to perform administrator tasks even if they are not system admins.

Phred Quality Score

How to interpret base calling qualities in Next Generation Sequencing data.

Counting Sequences in Fasta/Fastq Files

A couple of bioinformatics shortcuts to use Shell commands to count the number of sequences found in fasta and fastq file formats.

Linux Terminal Commands

A list of some useful shortcuts and commands for the Unix terminal.

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