About Me

A bit of information about myself.


I was born in 1991 in Taranto, in the south of Italy.

During my MSc in Molecular Biology, I focused my attention on Bioinformatics, particularly on mitochondrial genomics data. My thesis involved working on a biological database, HmtDB, and its web interface, so I started diving into programming, data management and web development.

After graduating, I attended an internship at ELIXIR in Cambridge, UK, where I developed the Bioschemas website as well as a data validator for Schema.org metadata. This allowed me to deepen my knowledge of web development and design.

At the moment I'm a PhD student in Genomics and Proteomics, working on mitochondrial big data, so my daily tasks involve dealing with massive amounts of data, extracting useful information from biological sequences, and exporting these enhanced data through the web.
I also started a university spin-off company named BROWSer, which offers bioinformatics solutions and research counselling.

GitHub contributions

GitHub contributions

More on my personal and working life in my resume below, which can also be downloaded in PDF format.

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