PhD Student, based in Bari (IT)
Working on biological Big Data

My job requires me to mix Data Science, Web Development and Bioinformatics,
in order to discover interesting insights from healthcare Big Data.

Data Science

Some of my Data Science projects and visualizations.

Web Development

Some of my projects related to Web Development.


Random posts about Bioinformatics and Informatics.

Tools and technologies

I usually employ different combinations of programming languages and frameworks,
depending on each project's needs. These are some of my favourite ones.

  • Python

    The great versatility of Python allows me to use it for different tasks, in combination with specific frameworks. I usually rely on Python for any daily activity, as well as to analyse data and build websites.

  • R

    After some hate at first sight, I started loving R when I discovered the tidyverse packages. Now it's my first choice for Data Science tasks and to produce beautiful visualizations.

  • Flask

    This Python framework is very useful for building websites, and I have employed it successfully to create web interfaces for biological databases, given its capability of interconnecting efficiently with data sources.

  • Machine Learning

    In some cases, I've exploited machine learning approaches to extract useful information from huge amounts of messy or unstructured data. My framework of choice for this kind of tasks is Python Scikit-learn.

  • Databases

    I have experience with SQL and relational databases, particularly MySQL and Sqlite. I use these resources to build biological data sources that can be accessed with different interfaces.

  • WordPress

    For freelancers and business websites, my usual choice is WordPress, given its broad capabilities and customization options. I heavily customise all the details, based on the design and functionality requested.

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