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About Me

I was born 30 years ago in the south of Italy, and have always been fascinated by science and computers.

I finally had the chance to mix them during my MSc internship in Bioinformatics, which was focused on mitochondrial genomics data. My thesis involved working on a biological database and its web interface, so I started diving into programming, data management and web development.

After graduating, I attended an internship at ELIXIR in Cambridge, UK, where I developed the Bioschemas website, as well as a data validator for metadata. This allowed me to deepen my knowledge of web development and design.

I then got a PhD in Genomics and Proteomics at the University of Bari (IT), with a particular focus on creating systems to retrieve, integrate and redistribute human mitochondrial data.

At the moment I'm working as a Software Engineer at Illumina in Cambridge (UK).

More on my personal and working life in my resume.


During my PhD in Bioinformatics, my daily job involved dealing with genomics big data. I was required to mix bioinformatics analysis, data science and web development in order to gather interesting insights from these data, and build reliable systems to explore and manipulate them.

My current job as a software developer allows me to further improve these skills, apply them to interesting projects while collaborating with very stimulating people. I build scientific applications using Python, with the aim of facilitating research through better data ingestion and manipulation pipelines and clean UI/UX approaches.

Most of my projects can be found on GitHub; some examples are listed in my portfolio.


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