Hello, I'm Roberto Preste

I develop websites using WordPress, Python and more

Full-stack Web Developer

I develop responsive and effective websites for freelancers, bloggers and small companies.

I can take care of both the design and the front- and back-end implementation of a website, applying my personal styling touch without loosing sight of my customer’s requests.

Roberto Preste

My Story

I’m currently working as a Bioinformatician and Web Developer at BROWSer, a University spin-off company that I co-founded, while doing my PhD in Bioinformatics.

You can check my complete story and download my resume from my curriculum page.

If you need a great website for either yourself or your company, good news for you, I’m currently available for hiring, also from remote. Drop me a line to explain your needs and we’ll arrange something together!


For freelancers and business websites, my usual choice is WordPress, given its broad capabilities and customization options. I use a wide range of both free and premium themes, based on the design and functionality requested.


I usually employ the Python programming language together with a web framework like Flask for websites needing custom database integration and advanced functions. Mostly this regards biological databases, but the choice is endless.


These are the foundations of Web Development, and can be used for any task, from creating a complete website to developing specific snippets to be integrated in an existing platform. I usually employ this for landing pages.

Recent Projects


MitoVar is a biological database that provides information about human mitochondrial DNA variants. These data are integrated with pathogenicity predictions and variability information, together with further annotations coming from several external online resources.

Developed using Python Flask.



BROWSer (Bioinformatics Resource for Omics-Wide Services) is a spin-off company of the University of Bari, and provides healthcare users with genomics experience and services. The company offers bioinformatics data analysis pipelines, sequencing services and counselling for genomics research.

Developed using WordPress.


The Human Mitochondrial Database (HmtDB) contains over 30000 human mitochondrial genome sequences annotated with population and variability data, supporting human genetics and clinical research.

Developed using Python Flask.



Bioschemas is a collaborative effort that aims to improve data interoperability in life sciences. It encourages people in life science to use schema.org markup, so that their websites and services contain consistently structured and discoverable information.

Developed using Jekyll.

Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch, should you need me to build your website, or to ask me any question, or even just to say hi!

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